PowerSystems Inc.

"Amazing Starts Here."

PowerSystems Computers Inc. is a computer company started by a 14 year old named Ean. Ean started PowerSystems Computers Inc. in 2005 as a software development company, then Ean eventually started with creating game systems and computer systems in 2009.

Since then, PowerSystems Computers Inc. has created a website (www.geekme.yolasite.com), started a bank account, and has hired employees.

With the success of PowerSystems, comes failure. PowerSystems Computers Inc. website crashed in april of 2008 due to hackers implanting a malicious worm into the server.

The website got back up onto the Internet and is now undergoing changes that will allow people to purchase software and computer models via paypal.

Company History


2005 -- Started as Sonata Wordwide

            MS-DOS development started

2006 -- MS-DOS development still working

2007 -- Sonata Wordwide became VideoSystems Inc.

           Visual Basic was starting to be used

           Further MS-DOS Applications were developed

2008 -- VideoSystems Core, formerly known as SK (Sentrex Kernal) was released

           VideoSystems v2.0, v3.0, and v2.0 SE1 was released

2009 -- VideoSystems Became PowerSystems Computers Inc.

           PowerSystems Computers Inc. website went up.

          Deon OS, v4.0, was realeased, Deon OS was the most reliable version of the SK project.

          Deon OS SE1 was released, fixing bugs and adding Macintosh support and commands.

          Tandy OS series started.

2010 -- PowerX was developed from Tandy OS v1.0

          PowerX was released, ending the line of the SK project.

                    PowerX, v10.0 was named after Mac OS X, as the X signifies v10.0.

          PowerX v10.1 was released under the codename "Alice"

                    PowerX "Alice" fixed many OS bugs and allowed Macintosh P2P

          PowerX v10.2 "Icarus" was released.

                    Tandy OS v2.0 released.

                    PowerX "Icarus" was the first OS to use the ZAXXON kernal (developed from SK)

                              PowerX "Icarus" was the first OS in the ZAXXON Kernal to use a Cursour and full G.U.I.

          Tandy OS was ended

          Pro 55 Computer Education Board was released.

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