Dexus OS v1.0

Dexus OS v1.0 is here. But, all the other projects have been stopped. Dexus OS v1.0 offers a cleaner look, and is very fast. You can get an Admin copy by emailing us ( Set the title/subject as: DEXUS(ADMINID)REQUESTCOPY and a copy will be sent to you. This copy is in an Alpha stage, and has bugs, which should be immediatly reported to our email.

We will have a basic copy here soon.

PowerX v10.3 "Zardoz" 

PowerX OS, all on a Single 3 1/2 inch Floppy Diskette. Thats why Amazing, starts HERE.

 The New PowerX OS v10.3 Update lets you keep track of all your files, conveinently on a single floppy diskette. It's like having a full desk of work, in your pocket. Get the new OS below.

PowerX OS v10.3 PowerX OS v10.3
Size : 0.149 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 0.448 Kb
Type : zip
EULA.rtf EULA.rtf
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Unzip the PowerX OS v10.3 Update, and put all the files onto a single 3 1/2 Inch floppy diskette. Consult the README.rtf file for all information

Here is the Test version of PowerSystems X v10.3 "Zardoz". Place the unpacked contents onto a 3 /12 inch Floppy Diskette and Boot off the Disk :). Zardoz has a new feature, it uses the MS-DOS COMMAND.COM as it's SHELL, and it uses the MS-DOS file CHOICE.COM for instant menus! no more typing away commands, just press a key, and see the menu! Since PowerX v10.3 "Zardoz" is still in it's testing phase, there are some things that are not yet worked out all the way. More Updated packages will be added, and the older versions will still be up here. If there are any error, glitches, bugs, please report them to our email: and we will work them/it out of the programming!

PowerX v10.2 "Icarus"

PowerX v10.2 "Icarus" is now FREE!

PowerX v10.2 Beta PowerX v10.2 Beta
Size : 0.359 Kb
Type : zip

This is the BETA release of PowerSystems PowerX v10.2 . Place the contents of the zipped file below (once extracted, put the contents of the folder:) on a 3 1/2 inch floppy diskette, or a CD -RW, and make sure your B.I.O.S. is made to boot off a CD/Floppy Disk.

EULA.rtf EULA.rtf
Size : 0.004 Kb
Type : rtf

 This is the License.

PowerSystems Inc. is releasing its first commercially available Operating System for MS-DOS computers running version 7.0 and over.

PowerSystemsX is here

v10.2 is now available as a Beta release above..


Abandoned Commercial Software Page here is the Abandoned Software Page. This page contains software that has been discontinued by PowerSystems Computers Inc., and is free for consumer use.

Kenitec Personal laptop (1983)

The Kenitec Personal Laptop was released in 1983, and now is a very cool addition to your computer collection if you collect computers. The Enitec laptop has no Hard Drive, and is for Parts or collection. I, the owner of PowerSystems Computers Inc. just received this laptop from my Highschool's Technology historium (which i dontated my PowerBook 145 to the historium). I dont know much about Kenitec computers, but this one sure is cool! Let it bring you back to the 80's with this retro piece of history.

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